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Community: Ugandan Exchange Visit

The Ugandan Exchange Visit provides a wonderful opportunity for students to visit Uganda, taste the African way of live and spend quality time with students from our sister schools, located near Masaka. Most of the children in these schools have been orphaned, either through HIV / Aids, malaria or war. Yet they are so happy, so positive and eager to make the most of their lives. To this extent, they are a terrific model to our own students.

During this visit, our students get to support in many ways:

  • Working in the school as classroom assistants
  • Teaching English to primary aged children
  • Helping to renovate and paint some of the school buildings and orphan houses
  • Working on the attached farm, including milking cows, harvesting crops, etc
  • Helping with some carpentry projects such as making pig pens

In the evening, they get to spend quality time with their Ugandan school friends and play sport or learn dances and songs.

The visit ends with a 3 day trip to the Ugandan National Park which includes a safari.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to develop a global perspective and their understanding of community and service; values which we hope will help shape their futures towards a more caring, just and sustainable world.

Lander4Uganda 2017 published a blog which can be viewed here:


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