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Curriculum: Overview of Key Stage 3

Our curriculum for Years 7, 8 and 9 is broad and balanced, enabling students to develop key literacy and numeracy skills, develop their wider learning skills and to experience a range of exciting curriculum opportunities.

Our grouping policy means that in Maths, students will be broadly set on entry in Year 7, although most other subject areas will be taught in mixed ability groupings.  As students move though Key Stage 3, other subjects may group students by ability such as in Science, Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages and Physical Education.  This means the needs of all students can be met.  More able students will be able to learn at a pace and level of challenge which meets their needs and students who need to focus on key skills will be given the extra support and smaller class sizes to enable them to access the curriculum and to succeed.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum allows students to study the following subjects, as per the requirements of the National Curriculum:

Design Technology
Modern Foreign Languages *
Religious Education
Personal, Social, Health and Enterprise Education
Physical Education

*  All students study French as their Modern Foreign Language and some also have the opportunity to study Spanish, from the start of year 8.

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