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Curriculum: Year 11 Gifted and Talented Languages Workshop with Exeter University

Year 11 Gifted and Talented Languages Workshop with Exeter University

Added 6 months ago

On the 7th November, a number of our Year 11 students made the short trip over to Truro College to participate in a languages workshop run by Exeter University.

Students started the day in a lecture theatre with students from schools all over Cornwall, where they listened to a talk from a university lecturer. Dr Leveridge is a well-known speaker and advocator of the study of languages; she gave an inspiring and informative talk about our country’s growing need for linguists and how useful the knowledge of a language is for finding a job.

Our students spent the rest of the day working in teams and playing the part of a team of employees working to convince an international company to build a theme park in Cornwall.

Employees needed to demonstrate and develop skills in many of the areas that linguists may find themselves using in the workplace. They completed a series of workshops in which they researched French or Spanish theme parks with the use of their websites exclusively in the target language; they translated a document from French or Spanish into English and another from English into French or Spanish; they worked as interpreters for other members of the team and taught a short lesson to other students.

Saffron Blake said:

“This was an excellent and inspiring day, I was really pleased to be a part of it. I was able to practise important skills like translation and interpreting and get a taste for what it would be like to work in languages. I’m seriously considering studying a language next year for A level, I think it would be a useful and interesting option choice; not to mention how good it would be for getting a job in the future. Thank you Truro College for a brilliant day!”.

Ms K Fewster

Languages Teacher 

Richard Lander School