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Curriculum: PD Key Stage 3


Personal Development in Key Stage 3
Personal Development encompasses PSHE, Citizenship and Careers. We follow a spiral curriculum meaning that many topics such as substance use and abuse and sex and relationship education are revisited each year in an age appropriate way. Most students have one lesson of PD each week. 

In Year 7 we focus on settling in, the transition from primary to secondary school and making friends. We examine the issue of bulling including physical, emotional, sexual and cyber during each year at Key Stage three. There is a focus on staying safe both physically and emotionally and circle time is used to help the transition from primary to secondary school feel not quite so daunting.

Within Year 8 there continues to be a focus on healthy lifestyles but we also introduce career education and aspects of Citizenship such as the work of the United Nations and Amnesty International. We also encourage enterprise and students are set the "Coffee Shop Challenge" enabling them to learn more about the world of business. Personal finance is also covered in this year.

As students enter Year 9 we offer much support in the option process and again a lot of our work is based around career education including changed to the labour market.  We examine the issues of homelessness, gang culture and within healthy lifestyles look at substance use and abuse and mental ill health.

We are lucky to have specialist staff to teach these often sensitive subjects and work with a host of community partners to ensure the best and most up to date information is given to our students.

For additional information relating to the PD curriculum at Key Stage 3 please email 

Mrs V Downing - Head of RE / PD


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