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Parents: Open Evening 2014

Welcoming Potential New Recruits on Open Evening

Report by Finn Howard – Year 9

With attendance at an all-time high, the gates to the sports fields had to be opened to provide extra parking at the recent Richard Lander School Open Evening. The event was for students in years 5 and 6 considering the big move to secondary school, and was a great success enjoyed by all.

The evening offered a plethora of activities. DT Resistant Materials tested skills on the pillar drills and scroll saws in making you very own initialled key ring. Maths met Art by using curve stitching to explore geometry. With a new focus on programming, IT showed visitors how to use code to make picAxe robots follow black lines. MFL transformed Room 122 into the Café a la Richard Lander, offering a selection of French food and drink. English offered a crime solving activity, with a chance to meet Sherlock Holmes. Science was very popular, this year’s main attraction being the Fire Room and ’oohh’s and ‘ahh’s were heard from even the corridor, with alcohol rockets firing across the room and huge methane flames coming from nowhere. Also, CSI Lander saw forensic tests being used to solve a crime case.

“We had a great Open Evening this year; special thanks go to all of our student leaders who welcomed year 5 and 6 parents along with the staff and student helpers who worked so hard to show off all the fantastic things we do here. If anyone missed the evening they are very welcome to give reception a ring and arrange a tour.” Mrs Griffiths, Deputy Head

In an E-Mail to the school, one parent commented, “…particularly impressive was the output from the school, the existing students who were socially articulate and focused on being the best they could be, which reassured me and my son that there were opportunities and focus to all aspects of learning.”

Special mention goes to Head Boy, Cameron Sykes, who gave a speech on his journey to getting his recently allocated title, and to Molly Short who shared her story on her first year at Richard Lander. Both presentations were excellent. 

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