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Pastoral Care: Kooth - Free Online Advice for Young People


What is Kooth?
It is a safe online place where you can:

  • get help, advice & support with anything that’s causing you stress, hardship or embarrassment.
  • find out about local services, events & news.
  • write your blog or magazine articles

Things that young people talk to Kooth about include:

  • problems at home
  • problems at school
  • drink and drugs
  • sexual health and sexuality anxiety,
  • stress
  • eating disorders
  • relationships

In fact, you can talk to them about anything really.

At Kooth they have counsellors who have been specially trained over many years and follow BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) guidelines and code of ethics

The main points about counselling are:

  • it is private and confidential
  • counsellors won’t tell you what to do
  • they listen & try to understand
  • they try to help you see your problems in a different way
  • they try to help you find a way to help yourself

Kooth also have other workers with special knowledge about certain things, like drugs, alcohol or sexual health - they are not counsellors but they can help by giving you information about things you maybe feel uncomfortable talking to other people about.

Visit Kooth at https://www.kooth.com/



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