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What's Going On: Exam Resources and Notices


Timetable of GCSE Exams in May/June 2017

Richard Lander GCSE Results 2016

76% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades
74.9% of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades with Maths and English

Over 1/3 of all students got at least 3 A/A* grades
1/6 got 8 or more A/A*

Our 5 top performing students were:

Luke and Eloise achieved ten A* grades and two A grades. Connie achieved A/A*s across the board in all of her 11 subjects, Tegan also did brilliantly with ten A/A* grades and two B grades and Millie achieved an incredible eleven A/A* grades, and one B grade. Read more here..

Message from the Headteacher:

"Congratulations to all our students who have done really well in their exams. They have put so much effort into their studies and these results are well deserved.

May I also thank our staff team and governing body, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that every child in the school reaches their potential.

I wish our students all the very best for the future as they go on to further study at college."


How to Revise - Parent Information Evening - Thursday 5th January 2017

Here are the presentations from the evening.

Mrs Vincent's presentation on Mathematics revision

Presentation on revising for GCSE English

Timetable for GCSE English revision sessions in school


Exam Notices and Resources

1 Information for Candidates - Controlled Assessment

2 Information for Candidates - Coursework Assessment

3 Information for Candidates - On-screen Tests

4 Information for Candidates - Written Examinations

A useful resource from edexcel for converting your marks is available here.


Pre Public Exams (Mocks)

All Year 11 students have Pre Public Exams after half term to prepare them for their GCSE exams in June. These will run from Monday 31st October until Friday 18th November. There will be more Pre Public Exams in February 2017. There is a timetable of the November PPE here.


Revision and Catchup 2016

English Revision Sessions

Every Tuesday after school from 3:30 - 4:30pm and Wednesday lunchtime from 1:10 - 2:00pm, GCSE English Revision Sessions. Mrs Astle has published a detailed timetable which is available here.

Art and Photography Catch Up

Art catch up: Tuesday-Friday lunchtimes and after school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Photography catch up: Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes and after school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Drama Catch Up

Drama written work catch up: Monday lunchtimes and Tuesday after school in room 232.

DT Food and Catering

After school support for DT Food and Catering folder and practical work: Tuesday and Wednesday until 5pm


Revision - Thursday lunchtime


Every lunchtime: Geography Controlled Assessment catch up in room 202

11MGG1 Geography GCSE Controlled Assessment catch u pTuesday lunchtime and Tuesday after school.

Spanish Mock Preparation

The first and second Thursday after half term, 3.30-4.30, are both Mock preparation sessions for Ms Garford's Spanish class in room 125.

GCSE Mathematics Revision

Miss Heywood runs a revision for her 11P4 Mathematics group after school every Thursday and a drop in session at lunchtimes.

There are drop in sessions every Tuesday lunchtime 1 - 1:30 in Room 226 and every Thursday lunchtime 1 - 1:30 in Room 221. 


Music Catch Up: Wednesday morning 8-830pm for GCSE catch up for Years 10&11. This is going to change to after school from January and will take place on Wednesday 3.40-4.40pm (TBC)

Maths Revision Resources

Web resources:
•    Just Maths - Super 60 topics – tutorials on video with worksheets and solutions to go with them

•    Maths Genie  - Topic based videos, exam questions & solutions (with new grades)

•    Corbett Maths 5 a day - 5 questions for each day of the year at different grades:

Numeracy – for students aiming for Grades 1, 2 and 3.
Foundation – for students aiming for Grades 3 and 4.
Foundation Plus – for students aiming for Grades 4, 5 and 6.
Higher – for students aiming for Grades 6 and 7.
Higher Plus – for students aiming for Grades 8 and 9

Paper based resources:
•    List of MathsWatch clips
•    Higher 6 week revision schedule using MathsWatch (undated)
•    Foundation 6 week revision schedule using MathsWatch (undated)
•    MathsWatch Higher worksheets
•    MathsWatch Foundation worksheets
•    Summary of Circle Theorems from MathsWatch
•    Edexcel formula sheet - formulae you must learn
•    Key Facts for Foundation – facts you must learn

Maths Songs (mp4 files)
•    Area of a trapezium
•    Circle song
•    Mean Median Mode
•    Quadratic formula

History Revision Resources

History Revision Websites

Crime and Punishment Booklet

Exam Question by year -Updated Feb 2014

Exam Questions by topic

GCSE Germany Unit2 Rise to power of Nazis

Germany Revision 1919-45-PLANNING QUESTIONS

Germany Revision GLOSSARY[1]

Key Dates Germany Answers 2011


Revision notes - Nazi Germany[1]

Self-test Germany Answers

DT Revision Resources

20-minute DT Revision Tasks





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