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What's Going On: Lander for Uganda 2016

The Ugandan Exchange Visit provides a wonderful opportunity for over 20 students to visit Uganda, taste the African way of live and spend quality time with students from our sister schools, located near Masaka. Most of the children in these schools have been orphaned, either through HIV / Aids, malaria or war. Yet they are so happy, so positive and eager to make the most of their lives. To this extent, they are a terrific model to our own students. 

The Ugandan Exchange is, by no means, just a 3 week holiday. In the 12 months before their trip, students engage in a huge variety of fundraising activities in order to provide means of self sufficiency to Masakan families and to buy materials for renovation projects. Whilst in Uganda, our students also provide their labour. 

Every penny raised makes a difference to a Ugandan life and, over the last 5 years, we are proud to have raised over £80,000 through car-washing, cake stalls, bag packing, selling Christmas cards and gifts, a school sleepover, the Tenner Challenge, on-line auctions, Year 9 & 10 Balls, sponsored events, an Ebay shop..

For more information on the work of the Lander for Uganda 2016 team and information about our most recent visits, please follow the links to the side of this page. 

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Here are some upcoming events in the Lander for Uganda calendar.

Richard Lander School - Second School Sleepover 

Friday 22nd January 19:00 - 10:00 Saturday 23rd January

£8 per student - all proceeds to Uganda

Please see Miss Myners for more information and a consent form.


Richard Lander School