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What's Going On: Lander for Uganda 2017

Thank you to Ethan Williamson-Bates and Joe Barber for making this short film which captures the adventure so well.

The Lander4Uganda2017 team also kept a comprehensive blog which all students contributed to.

The Lander4Uganda2017 team was our smallest team to date but they still managed to raise a staggering £12,000 for our Ugandan partner schools and they worked incredibly hard to ensure it was spent in the best possible ways.The funds raised in 2016/2017 allowed students to:

  • Compete major renovations to Nazarene Secondary School, replacing termite eaten timbers and rusty iron sheets with a new roof. Raising the roof made lighter, more spacious and watertight classrooms. The new veranda provided somewhere for students to shelter during the rainy season and rusty unglazed windows and doors were replaced.
  • Clean and paint all of Jasimu School in Bukomansimbi inside and out.
  • Pay for a block of latrines and pay for the roof and windows in the staff room/offices at Kafunjo.
  • Distribute food parcels to the elderly, sick and poor and host a ‘bra drop’
  • Install solar powered electricity at Kamuzinda Farm School and Shrewsbury House dormitory.
  • Build a toilet block which includes disabled facilities in Crested dormitory, Kamuzinda
  • Build a new dormitory so 94 girls no longer have to share a bedroom at St Jude’s School, Bukomansimbi.
  • Host a talent competition, provide a feast for a school, provide tools, toothbrushes for 200...

The Lander4Uganda2017 team also delivered over 300kg of donated books, clothing, stationery, sports equipment, medical supplies, bras, shoes, laptops, sanitary items.. This was divided between the 500+ Ugandans that we support and was gratefully received!

Could you help Lander4Uganda in our quest to improve the lives of school children and impoverished communities in rural Uganda?  Every year we need prizes for our online auction, new fundraising ideas and we would be delighted to receive any other support you can offer. Please get in touch: lander4uganda@richardlander.cornwall.sch.uk

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