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Skyping Spain

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Richard Lander Skype Spain

On Tuesday 19th June, our Y8 Spanish groups had the long awaited opportunity to meet their pen pals from our link school in Malaga via a whole class Skype link with webcams. They have been writing to each other for the past year and all the pupils were very excited about seeing their partners for the first time.
Our pupils sang two Spanish songs and introduced each other in Spanish and the Spanish students sang a Taylor Swift song and talked about their school in English. Apparently it is over 30 degrees in Malaga at the moment and they have no air conditioning in school!
We will be continuing the Skype conversations next year and we hope one day to be able to set up an exchange with the school.

Mica Dutton said, It was really exciting to see what they all looked like and to see that they dont have a uniform, Im really looking forward to skyping again!

Mrs S Willcox, Languages

Richard Lander School