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Lander for Uganda 2017 - Fundraising Update

Added 3 years ago

With just over two months until the Lander for Uganda 2017 team start their trip we have decided to pass over the organisation of in-school fundraising activities to the 2018 team.  

It has been a fantastic year of fundraising and all 17 students have contributed enormously to the effort with both enthusiasm and commitment. Highlights of this year’s fundraising effort include the Posho Challenge which saw 7 members of staff attempting to eat the diet of a Ugandan orphan for the whole of November with a further 46 students joining in for 24 hours. Due to the generosity of friends, family and the Richard Lander School community, this raised over £3000!

School Sleepover 3 was a huge success with over 250 students attending and over £2000 being raised! 

Tenner Week at the end of last term which included the Mr Bridger Fitness—Uganda Special video made around £700 and along with Café Uganda at parent’s evenings and school production performances, Treat Friday, individual student’s fundraising efforts and bag packs we are very proud to say that we have raised in excess of £12,000  for the students in our partner schools.

Some of this money has already been spent on school dinners and beds but the majority of it will go out to Uganda with the Lander for Uganda 2017 team, when we will be able to best assess how to distribute it. We will be regularly posting on a blog while we are out there so watch this space….

Annette, from the Molly and Paul school in Kamuzinda, sent us a wonderful newsletter which is here:

The Lander for Uganda 2017 team would like to thank everybody who has supported them on their fundraising journey this year!


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