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Learning Community Sport - results so far…

Added 4 years ago

Sports Day is fast approaching - scheduled for  Tuesday 20th June with the 22nd and 23rd June as reserve dates - and the 2017 destination for the coveted Learning Community Sports shield is soon to be decided.

This term we have enjoyed Learning Community Football, Hockey and Swimming with different communities emerging as winners for each event.  Swimming - Pentire, Hockey - Godrevy, Football - Towan.  The results from these events are added to the results of the intercommunity Netball, Rugby and Cross Country events which took place last term, and you will see from the table on the following page that Godrevy are currently leading on points but with only 6.5 points between first and fourth position, Sports Day may well prove the deciding factor in this year’s Learning Community Sports competition.

The PE Department are currently recruiting students to take part in track and field events during Sports Day. For a community to stand the best chance of winning in such a tight competition every event should have every place available filled. Whilst there may only be one winner of each event, in previous years, the outcome of Sports Day has come down to just 2 or 3 points and all competitors will earn at least one point for their community for taking part.

We look forward to a sunny and successful Sports Day!

Richard Lander School