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RLS Turn Rations into a Feast with the Army

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RLS Turn Rations into a Feast with the Army

Year 10 catering students took part in a catering workshop ran by Army officers Nicky and Jamie.  The students were given a presentation about the role of a chef in the Army and were then given the challenge of creating interesting dishes from a TEN MAN RATION PACK.  In 45 minutes the students turned the rations of various items including dried egg, flour, chocolate pudding, tinned margarine and tinned cheese into dishes such as toad in the hole, garlic bread, risotto, fritters and meatballs.  The students were then asked to give a presentation of their dishes and to explain how they had made them from the items available.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity and their final dishes.  The officers were impressed with how quickly the students focused on the challenge and with the results they produced.

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