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Japanese Club

Added 4 years ago

Japanese Club

Minna sama, ohisashburi! (Long time no see/ it's been a while.)

It's been a while since Japanese Club have been in touch but we haven't been lazy. Check out the photos of our sushi-making session with the wonderful Chihoko. She prepared sushi rice and all the ingredients for an amazing opportunity to make our own 'maki rolls'. Ingredients included: salmon, egg, tuna, cucumber and avocado to name but a few. Needless to say it was a great success and we didn't need to eat much dinner that night!
We have also been watching Joanna Lumley's trip from the top to the toe of Japan. Now we all want to go...
Later on this term we are going to enjoy some calligraphy and kite making with Mr. Conrad, so watch this space.

Ms V. Whitlock

Richard Lander School