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City of Lights 2017

Added 1 year ago

This year’s theme was ‘glow’ and after a very enthusiastic group of students in Year 9 volunteered to assist in making our large lantern , we set about creating the structure in the first of two workshops with the artist Amanda Lorens.

The structure is made of withies and there is a huge amount of work involved in manipulating the material to create 3D shapes and structures. The student worked excellently as a team to get all the parts made for the giant squid that we chose to make.

The second workshop a few weeks later focused on ensuring that the parts were put together and that there were moving elements. Everyone was keen to make the squid move ready for the parade. It was also important that all the lights were placed in the correct places so that it will light up magnificently .The final part of the process is to paper over the structure and this makes the lantern really come to life.

The City of Lights evening is a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the creative arts and it has always been a great event to be part of.

Sadly it was cancelled for the original date this year in November due to adverse weather.

Fortunately the parade will go ahead in January so watch this space for a date!

Ms N Dalby

Head of Art

Richard Lander School