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Shares4schools Report for National "Your Money" Week

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Shares4schools Report for National "Your Money" Week

During the year, two groups of Gifted and Talented students have spent one afternoon registration per week monitoring an investment of 1,500 in the Shares4schools competition.  This is a national competition where students get to see how Maths is applied in the environment of the Stock Exchange.
The year 9 students invested their money in companies from the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 or AIM (alternative investment market) and then each week had to use analytical techniques to monitor their portfolio.  They used tramline trading to monitor the progress of the shares from a graphical point of view, searched the web for news items relating to the companies and looked at published accounts and interim financial statements to ensure their decisions were sound. 
Each month they were obliged to make a transaction of 10% of their net worth to buy or sell shares to improve their portfolio.  Throughout the year the team remained with a profit, the highest being 180, until the last day of the competition in June.  Announcements from Greece and Spain caused the Stock Market to fall sharply and they ended the competition with a loss of 20.  This left them in 15th place out of the 59 schools who took part, though they were the best school in the South West.  This was an excellent achievement considering other students could be up to 18 years old.  At the end of the competition, the transaction fees charged during the year were returned to the students portfolio. This meant they ended with an overall profit of 81.
The year 11s have a full investment account which they have monitored during the year.  This account was for longer term investment and the students have their money invested in an oil exploration company.  They have kept in touch with all developments with their investment, which has ranged in value from 1,100 up to 1,585. 
The current year 9s will take over this account and a new group of G&T students will enter the competition on behalf of the school next year. The aim is for them to monitor the shares and sell when optimum pre-determined criteria have been reached in terms of price and company development. The proceeds will then be re-invested in a mix of defensive and adventurous stocks chosen by the students (with guidance). The students will build on their Y9 experience, research companies and sector fundamentals to develop a balanced portfolio.

Mr I Robinson (Maths Teacher)

Richard Lander School