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Methane explosions and ‘Mathemagic’ make Richard Lander School’s Open Evening a night to remember

Added 3 years ago


Over 500 prospective students and their parents braved driving rain to attend Richard Lander School's Open Evening last Thursday where they were taken on a tour of the school by student leaders and invited to take part in a huge range of exciting activities to give them a taste of secondary school life.  
Science classrooms proved particularly popular with the prospect of igniting methane, creating chemistry rainbows and meeting Henry the snake, whilst students who visited the History department were greeted by a medieval princess and monk, Anne Boleyn and a member of the Women’s Land Army from World War 2 who invited them to take part in punishments or toilets through time activities.  In Geography, visitors played interactive games or explored the science behind earthquake proof buildings using spaghetti, marshmallows and jelly; while further down the corridor they were invited to solve magic tricks using mathematics or take part in a Richard Lander maths gameshow.
Anyone who had skipped dinner could try cheese tasting with MFL students, enjoy a cream tea with DT Food students or visit Café Uganda for a tropical or a temperate smoothie. The creatively inclined printed their initials, contributed to a collaborative piece of art, or made monogrammed purses, fridge magnets or photo stands.
Drama studios were full of Richard Lander students busy learning lines or working on dance routines for the upcoming production of Billy Elliot, and in music practise rooms year 6 students could try out a grand piano, a drum kit or the school’s brand new recording equipment. Computing offered the chance to program the BBC Microbit, a post-it note sized computer which is used by all Year 7 and 8 students, and entrepreneurial challenges measured how well you remembered logos and slogans and tested whether you really could taste the difference between famous brands.
Sports Leaders showcased some of the sports on offer at school and the English department invited visitors to insult each other in the language of Shakespeare, solve a crime with Sherlock Holmes or take part in a documentary about the evening.
Our Greenpower world champions, Richard Lander Racing, were on hand to explain the secrets to their success and if it all got a bit too exciting, the RE department had created a stilling room where students could create an origami lotus and hang a positive message on the ‘hopes for the world tree.’
Headteacher, Mr Mulcahy, Head Boy, Isaac Neale and year 8 student, Alana Shaw all shared their experiences of life at Richard Lander School and said how much they looked forward to welcoming the new students in September 2019.

None of this would have been possible without the hundreds of students who gave up their evening to be such excellent ambassadors for our school. The staff team are very grateful for all your hard work and enthusiasm!


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