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Learning Community Sports - Results so far...

Added 1 year ago

Learning Community sport is in full swing with Netball, Rugby and Cross Country events having already taken place before Christmas.

As you can see Towan are holding a strong lead, having won in both Netball and Rugby, with Cross Country winners, Rame, chasing behind them.

Yesterday, Girls Active leaders hosted an Intercommunity Benchball tournament for Years 7 & 8 which was a great success. All teams entered into the competitive spirit with excitement and enthusiasm! Teams were awarded points for winning/drawing matches, with bonuses available from RLS Sports Leaders for sportsmanship and effort.

At the end of the competition Towan Year 8s were victorious in with a total of 9 points, and Godrevy were victorious in Year 7, also with a winning total of 9 points. All Benchball points will be added to the LC table soon.

With so many other events to follow there is still everything for all 4 learning communities to play for.

Sport plays a large part in the winning of the Learning Community Shield with merits and attendance also contributing, along with other creative and academic competitions held throughout the school year, which include the upcoming  Science Fair and RLS Quiz of the Year.. 

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