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RLS Math Week -The Great Big Maths Quiz / Pi Challenges

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Maths Week - The Great Big Maths Quiz and Pi Challenges

We’ve been enjoying a fantastic week of mathematical activities  this week to celebrate Einstein’s birthday and International Pi Day.

The peak of the week was undoubtedly Thursday which saw tutors compete in The Great Big Maths Quiz, hosted by Quizmaster Gell, featuring The Saturdays &  Carol Vorderman.
Students had been memorising digits of Pi all week and on Thursday - International Pi Day - we discovered how they had done.
Danni, PBLk, managed to recite a staggering 216 digits!! Well done Danni! Credit also to  following students who also put in fantastic performances:
Amber(70), David(62), Grace(40), Isaac(39), Dexter(30), Ceri(28),  Travis and Zelah(25).
Another student’s talent was highlighted this week. Finlay (Year 8) cracked the Rubik’s cube in 50 seconds!
Video clips of both of these performance are on the school Facebook and Instagram pages.
Mrs Elford, baked a Pi Day cake, with tutor groups challenged  to guess its weight in order to win it. When 4 tutor groups guessed correctly to within 2g of its actual weight, Mrs Elford had to hold a tie break round where finalists had to specify the cake’s weight to 4 significant figures. Once again PBLk were victorious!

Our mathematicians wound down on Friday lunchtime with a ‘relaxing’ staff vs students chess tournament, the results of which we will also announce next week...


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