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Collaborative Schools Workshop with Sovay Berriman

Added 1 year ago

Sovay Berriman, a well renowned local sculptor, was invited to come to school for 2 days to work with a selected group of 13 Year 9 students, as part of the Combined Truro Arts project. The theme for this year’s project is ‘Our World, Our Future’ and Sovay’s idea were to work with the students to introduce the idea in a conceptual and abstract way.
Students were engaged in discussion about what a future world might look like and they were taught about how to approach ideas in an abstract way, by simplifying and extracting important elements. Students developed ideas through drawings, text and collage in small sketchbooks and then they were given a broad range of materials and asked to start creating abstract future worlds on a small scale using 3D materials.
These small sculptures, were then developed into larger sculptures and students got to work collaboratively and combine ideas. The second session started with large scale ink drawings. Students were asked to place the sculptures in an arrangement and make abstract compositions on using ink, sticks and brushes. Final paintings were created based on a combination of the initial drawings, discussions,  their ideas and concepts,  collage work, the sculptures and key words that  had been considered as being important,  Students responded to the challenge of thinking in a very different way and answering quite challenging questions put to them by Sovay. It was a great insight into how an artist approaches making work for an exhibition and it was amazing to see the quantity, the scale, the range and the maturity of work produced in the 2 days.
The exhibition will be installed in the cathedral in June, alongside work made by other Truro schools.

Hazel McGregor
Creative Arts Technician

Richard Lander School