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Our Journey to Falmouth University

Added 1 year ago

Report by Keira Scott

As passionate writers and readers, we were really excited to get chosen to go on this trip. When we got to the university we got taken to a room that was on the third floor in the centre.
When we walked into the circular room we met a man called Adam Dolton who taught us the writing techniques and the difference between formal and informal language. At the end of this session, we got into groups of threes and had to produce mini sagas and Keira, Lacey and Jade’s group won a pack of sweets with their mini saga titled ‘The Mini Cacti. The saga was about a cacti who fell in love with a sunflower but the sunflower rejected him because he was too prickly, so he died in a hole in Africa and was lonely forever… and ever.
After this long day of work and excitement, and the yummy food, we said goodbye and thank you to all the staff that we met and made our way to the minibus and our way back to school.

Report by Jade Tran

On the 5th of June 2019 a group of people including myself had entered the world of writing and journalism where we met professional writers and journalists. We met Amy Lilawell, J A Dalton, Sheree and last of all Steve Bower.

In Dr Dalton’s language lesson we had learnt that suffixes and prefixes belonged to the people of Rome- Latin. The other language that was separated was The Anglo-Saxons’   language where it was physical, brutal and emotional. Whereas The Romans’ language was said to feel as though they were not giving out any signs of feelings apart from French romance which used formality.
In short we learnt the secret to English success on how to use informality and formality and when we should use them.

Story objects
Soon after the lesson with Dr Dalton we had walked up the steep hill and to the entrance of the Writing and Journalism School. As we stepped in we found ourselves in the “lighthouse”. The lighthouse is an elegant room filled with antiques, religious items with books of all genres.
In this very unique room we snacked on cookies of all ranges including chocolate, strawberry jam and gingerbread flavours.
After our break time had ended we had Sheree come in- she is a new lecturer at Falmouth University. She showed us a world of imagination where we got to write a story and plan about our chosen object . For planning we had to write what the object looks like, what we think it’s original story was and last of all who was their owner and why it was given to charity.

Journalists play a big role for whoever reads the news or watches it live. Our modern generation is where news is crucial and we depend on people to look into it and only spread the truth. As of that day we met Sir Bower where he tested us on common knowledge on kerboodle. He showed us politics.
In conclusion all lessons we had of today was a world of discovery one after another.
Thank you for reading.

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