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RLS Summer School 2021

Added 3 weeks ago


In July and August we ran a summer school during the holidays to get our new Year 7 students used to life at Richard Lander School.

The Summer School ran from 26th July to 6th August 2021.  306 students were invited and 256 attended over the 10 days.  The sessions, which included English, Maths, Science and DT lessons as well as sporting, pastoral and team building activities, were provided by teachers and support staff from Richard Lander School, along with some really lovely ex-students.


We were delighted with the parental appreciation we received via the school Facebook page and by email. Here are a few of the comments : )

'In light of not being able to do the normal transition days, summer school has been an amazing idea.. Thank you for doing this and helping our children build new friendships and happy memories ready for their next educational journey..👍🏻'

'I know my daughter is having the best time!!! Can it be extended!!! 😬 Thank you RLS x'

'My Twins are loving it and getting to know their new school! They are loving the activities and I’m so grateful to you all for giving them the best time and this opportunity😊'

'Thank you all. You are giving my son the best start and a wonderful opportunity to get to know his new school, the fabulous activities, meet new friends and the wonderful teaching team. 🤗'

'Thank you so much for putting on the Summer School for the new pupils.  It's been amazing to see, not just my daughter's face, but all the smiling faces coming out at the end of each day.  To get them in and help build their confidence in advance of their starting in September is brilliant.  You've made the children (and the parents) more confident and more relaxed about their new school.  Thank you!'

'I can't thank you enough for this experience. My son has loved it and feels way more relaxed about starting in September.' 


The Government provided schools with funding to be able to provide this exciting transitional event for our new Year 7s and we really enjoyed spending this quality time getting to know our new students!  For further information on how the funding was spent please follow this link.  



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