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Greenpower: RLR1 to be in Front Row at Goodwood National Final

Added 8 years ago

Richard Lander’s Greenpower team had a fantastic weekend with RLR1 crossing the finishing line in 2nd position at Castle Combe, Wiltshire on Sunday 30th September!

RLR1 is now one of only 5 cars on the front row of the National Starting Grid for the Goodwood Final which will take place in 2 weeks’ time (Sunday 14th October). This is because the Greenpower car currently holds 4th place out of 188 entrants following all the heats.  The Richard Lander Racing team have earned this place because of the distance completed at Castle Combe this weekend –  a magnificent 103.6 miles!
This distance was completed on 3 sets of 2 batteries in 4 hours 3 minutes and 18 seconds. The fastest 2.9km lap was completed in just 4.00 minutes and RLR1’s average speed was 25.5 mph.
Further statistics show that the cost of electricity consumed was19 pence. Equivalent petrol consumption: 168 ml or 0.0369 gallons of petrol producing 2818 miles per gallon!
On Sunday, RLR1 came in only 12 seconds behind the leader Rotary Racer, from Chipping Sodbury School. Rotary Racer is an RAF sponsored car which was designed in a virtual wind tunnel, RLR1 has been built in a DT workshop in school!

Richard Lander Racing is now the first ever Cornish team to start from the front row of the grid and the highest ever placed Cornish team for the national final.
Richard Lander School’s RLR1 also won the award for the Best Engineered Car. This award was judged by Renishaw, the sponsors of the event and their engineers interviewed the Richard Lander students. Working with what they already had, the team had concentrated on improvements and had made their car lighter and more aerodynamic, simplifying wherever possible. The students were incredibly knowledgeable and articulate when interviewed.
As well as these improvements,  RLR1’s time was achieved largely due to organisation, team work and tactics. Pit stops took no more than 30 seconds and were kept to a minimum; the first 2 drivers drove for 80 minutes each and exhausted one set of batteries each with the other 3 drivers taking over at the end. Although the team may not have had the fastest car, consistency combined with all of this resulted in success.
Greenpower staff are always very keen that the students take the lead in all areas of Richard Lander Racing on race days and watched the event from a nearby bank. All staff agreed the students performed fantastically as a team.

This fantastic result comes at the end of a week where Richard Lander Racing’s marketing team Emma Clarke and Jess Beckham entered the Greenpower Autosport National Marketing and PR Competition, submitting a detailed portfolio of all of their branding and web presence work among other things. The results of this competition will be announced at the Goodwood National Final in October.

“Fantastic days racing team - we're so incredibly pleased with today’s result - we targeted the 100 mile barrier and smashed it with 104 miles! We're now the 4th highest achieving car in the country this year out of 188 entrants, giving us a front row slot at the Greenpower Racing National Finals at glorious Goodwood in a fortnight - Will RLR1 go any faster? Reckon so... :)” Mr Ben Lloyd King.

Renishaw engineers interivewing students about RLR1. The team went on to win Best Engineered Car.


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