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Student Sustainability Conference

Added 7 years ago


Student Sustainability Conference

Pupils from Chacewater, Constantine, Kea, Mithian, Mylor Bridge and Richard Lander Schools met together at Richard Lander School on Tuesday 16th October assisted by adults from each of the schools to share ideas about sustainability. 

In the first session pupils told each other of all the great things that are already going on in their schools including encouraging pupils to cycle to school, recycling and reusing waste materials, growing their own food, cutting down on electricity use and running eco clubs and activities. 

In the second session pupils talked about their ideas of things they would like to see in the future ranging from recycling cooked food waste and rainwater harvesting to outdoor learning and ground source heat pumps.
This was a very successful morning which will help the schools move forward in their ambition to improve sustainability in their schools in the future.

“The conference was a positive way to get an understanding of how other PFI schools across Cornwall are sustainable and how we as a school can improve our carbon footprint. It  was another effective way of motivating Richard Lander students to join environmentally friendly clubs”  Jacob Wickett - Participating Student, Year 11.

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