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Olympic Gold Medallist, Robin Cousins, visits Richard Lander School!

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Report by Jools Clarke (Y7) and Martin Kelly (Y8) for Richard Lander Press Pack

On Tuesday 14th November, a group of year 7, 8 & 9 students were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Olympic gold Medallist, Robin Cousins in person and ask him some questions. It was very bubbly in the staff room where the group was assembled, but when Robin walked in the applause was immense.

The main reason for Robin’s appearance was so he could promote an ice rink he was having erected outside Truro Cathedral. Students from all year groups were asked to submit questions for Robin to answer and the best 6 were given family passes to the ice rink as prizes! Congratulations to Abigail Jones, Mason Ireland, Chrissie Warren, Marni Watson, Zac Minett and Poppy Baxter!

Chrissy Warren’s question was particularly interesting for any budding skaters. She asked “Does ballet help with skating ability?” It was a shock to hear it doesn’t! One great piece of advice that Robin gave the students was to lean over the balls of your feet when skating and push your stomach underneath you. If you stand upright, you are likely to fall over.

During the question session, Robin passed around his gold medal from the 1980 Winter Olympics, so we could feel the weight of it; it was surprisingly heavy!

It was fascinating to hear more about the ice rink and how it is actually constructed; layer upon layer of water is washed over a surface then frozen, repeating the task lots of times in 24 hours. Unbelievably, it is only 1.5 inches thick. The ice rink will take 3 days to construct and then it will become one of the 8 ice rinks Robin’s company have constructed around the country.

Unfortunately, for fans of Dancing on Ice, he wasn’t able to let us know who any of the celebrities will be but he did let slip that “nasty” Jason Gardner will be back!

Overall, this was a brilliant experience for the students of Richard Lander School and hopefully one we won’t forget for a long while!

Jools Clarke

Some interesting things I learned from Robin Cousins were, that he was told that he was too tall and too slim to be a great skater but in the end he won an Olympic Gold medal. He said you should never give up because people tell you that you are unsuited to something. In the end it was his height and stature helped him to win the Olympic gold medal in 1980.

On the Dancing on Ice show, the judges and skaters have to work 6 days a week, this shows how much work they put into it. Robin said that the show is unscripted and that he thinks it is important to be nice although some judges get angry.

Abigail asked Robin if he had ever felt like giving up and he said he had thought of this lots of times but that he never did and at the end of each training session he made sure that he had accomplished something and that he finished on something that made him feel good about his skating.

Other tips about learning to skate are that you don’t go in straight lines whilst skating you have to travel in circles while leaning forward..

At the end Robin asked me what my favourite sport was, I told him it is football, which he said has nothing to do with skating!

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet a famous judge and Olympic gold medallist, and I enjoyed talking to him.

Martin Kelly (Y8)



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