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Year 6 Maths Masterclass

Added 7 years ago

Gifted and Talented Primary Maths Sessions
Every Wednesday after school during October, a classroom was buzzing with the thoughts and ideas from gifted and talented mathematics pupils. They arrived at Richard Lander School from our feeder primary schools.

Each week, approximately 30 students turned up to learn new skills and see what mathematics lessons in secondary school might look like.  Organised and presented by Miss Noble and Mr Robinson, two teachers from the mathematics department, the students were introduced to a variety of tasks including using origami in maths and using graphical calculators.

The students were all very enthusiastic and produced some fabulous work, both on the day and when they returned home, to show their parents, or back at school the next day where some showed their class while others showed their work to their Headteacher.

 The students commented

     “It is really, really fun!”

     “I really enjoyed myself. I can’t wait until I come up next year”

     “Please have more sessions”

At the end of the final session they were presented with certificates by the head of the mathematics department, Mrs Wendy Vincent.

Mr I Robinson - Maths Teacher

Richard Lander School