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National Anti Bullying Week

Added 7 years ago

This week at Richard Lander School we have been observing national Anti Bullying Week. Whilst we always “on the case” with bullying here in school, it has been very useful to raise further awareness and allow student to reflect on their own views regarding bullying.
Mr Holloway has held assemblies  featuring “I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here!” as he considers Helen Flanagan to be a victim of bullying. This has promoted much discussion amongst the staff and students.  Mrs Downing has highlighted cyber bullying.
Miss Ritchie, aided by Craft Club and Mr Knight, created a giant cross to symbolise our whole school rejection of bullying. Students were invited to choose a small fabric cross to stick on the larger cross in a tessellated pattern. In this way we have created a piece of installation art to remind us daily of the importance of sticking up for one another. There have been over 1000 crosses stuck onto the cross so far and the activity continues today!
Bethany Pascoe’s Poetry Games entry is printed below and is an excellent example of student empathy and the importance of anti-bullying work.
For further resources please see http://www.antibullyingweek.co.uk/

One of the excellent entries to The Poetry Games competition is particularly relevent to Anti-Bullying Week. Here it is:

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