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Alice in Wonderland - The Auditions

Added 7 years ago

Alice in Wonderland Update!

This week was the first week of getting into the buzz of this academic years Richard Lander School production.
“Alice in Wonderland” will be staged in February and this week saw the arrival of the auditions.

The Creative Arts department and I were delighted by both the amount of students that want to be involved in this years production and the quality of their talent.

During the auditions the panel and I sensed a great atmosphere of excitement from the students. We have teamed up with Press Pack to provide you with regular updates on the progress of Richard Lander’s Production of “Alice!”

We hope to have the cast list announced by the beginning of December.

Jacob Wickett, Sales and Marketing Manager, Richard Lander School Production.

A Press Pack Report by Mel McEnery and Rhiannon Budzinska. (Year 7)

ME - The Auditions for the Alice and Wonderland school production took place last week from Thursday – Monday lunchtime.

RB - Inside the room all that could be heard was the voices of students as they rehearsed for the auditions. The students would pair up and audition as Alice or The Caterpillar; however, this didn’t mean if they were excepted in the play they would either be Alice or The Caterpillar. They might be offered a completely different role.

ME - The talent was overwhelming! The room was PACKED with confident students ready to perform for Ms Charleston and Ms Scholes! The performance that really caught my eye was the joint performance from the year 7 newcomers Zak and Jools, We asked Zak: Why do you want to audition for this year’s school production? “I want to audition for this year’s school production because it’s something I like doing and it’s fun!”.  Are you feeling confident? “It’s a mix of excited and nervous!”.

RB - When asked Are you feeling confident? Jools Clarke answered
‘Do I feel confident? Confident is an understatement!’ His confidence turned out to be well founded, he spoke very clearly and expressively!
ME & RB - We also caught up with Ms Charleston, the team leader for this years school production and Head of Creative Arts. She said:

“I’m really impressed by the enthusiasm and by how many people get involved!”
‘ I have been doing school productions at Richard Lander School for years and I find it’s the best part of my job. “

Overall this years auditions were very exciting and showcased a vast amount of talent. It seems like the judges will have a very hard time deciding who shall be in the play!


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