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Grom Club Update

Added 7 years ago


Grom Club – Bodysurfing Handplanes:
As a treat for endless hours of sanding and repairing broken boards, Mr Everitt and Mr Scott have recently given the Groms a bodysurfing handplane ‘blank’ each to shape and customise.
Handplanes are an ancient surfing invention that is currently undergoing a massive revival across the surf community. They provide the bodysurfer with the little bit of extra lift needed on the wave to ‘plane’ and perform all sorts of manoeuvres that would otherwise be impossible. Many surfers use them when conditions aren’t quite good enough for a regular surf as even a small wave can result in a highly enjoyable handplaning session.
As you can imagine, the Groms were stoked by this opportunity and are now knocking on the door every lunchtime to come into the workshop and continue their shaping. When they have finished this stage we will be laser etching some custom logos onto the surface and finishing them with wood oils…

PS: Congratulations to one of our groms – Jack Coombs – For becoming the under 12’s national surf champion!

Mr Everitt (DT Teacher)

Richard Lander School