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Richard Lander School hits the ICE!

Added 7 years ago


A Press Pack Report by Cathy Bennett and Megan Price (Year 8)

On Wednesday 28th November, Richard Lander School hit the ice! Mr Colin Reid, from Truro Cathedral had very kindly invited 30 students to be the first members of the public to try out Cousins Entertainment’s and Truro Cathedral’s new ice rink.

The thirty places were allocated on a first come first served basis at break time on Tuesday and caused much excitement amongst the students!

Luckily for us, on Wednesday, although the ice may have been cold the weather was bright and with it our spirits. At the beautiful location of Truro Cathedral, enthusiasm and joy filled the air and we had nearly whizzing around the ice with no one wanting to coming off early. Although most of us fell over at least once, we helped each other up and enjoyed every minute of the experience.

We interviewed Mr T Webb (IT Technician, who accompanied the trip) about the experience. He said:
“I thought this trip was phenomenal and I would highly recommend this ice rink to my friends.” Cathy and I asked him how many times he had fallen over, he replied “None! Of course!” but later on admitted that the amount of times may actually have been in double figures!

Here are our top tips, if you decide to visit Ice Skate Truro:

If you only have a short time then let go of the edge and GO FOR IT! After all you may not have the opportunity to try ice skating again for a while.
Work together and help one another to be better, just like we did.
Lean forwards so you don’t fall backwards.
Put your feet apart when you stop so that you don’t go flying..
Finally ….. HAVE FUN!
A BIG thank you to all the RLS staff for taking us and for Ice Skate Truro for giving us this great opportunity!

There are lots of photographs on the school Facebook page and we are currently making a video of the occasion which will appear on the school website shortly.


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