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Computer Aided Design Masterclass

Added 7 years ago


Last week Mr Scott took students from Year 10 and 11 Design Technology courses across to Truro College to start an exciting new collaborative project. The students were introduced to Solidworks to start developing their 3 Dimensional modelling skills. The software is an industry standard in the world of engineering and product design and it enables the students to design and visualise design concepts before they are made, either by hand using traditional manufacturing skills or in conjunction with Computer Aided Manufacturing machines. The first session led by Truro College’s Head of DT, Sean Dougan, saw foundation skills being delivered that will form a building block to allow students to go and develop their own designs. The idea for the ‘CAD Masterclass’ was devised between Mr Scott and Mr Dougan to further the link between the two departments and ensure our DT students are challenged at the highest level. All of the students will go on to use the software to support their final GCSE projects.

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