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History Gifted and Talented Workshop

Added 6 yearss ago

History Gifted and Talented Workshop

On Wednesday 27th June, 13 Primary students from feeder schools came to Richard Lander for a History Gifted and Talented session. The theme was Home Front WW2. Year 9 students from Mrs Jarvis’ and Miss Rickatson’s groups led the session with mini lesson they had prepared and resourced. Primary students designed WW2 menus using recipes and exact rations from the war. This enabled them to think critically by designing the most efficient menu. Prizes were awrded for efficiency, team work and for the tastiest sounding menu.
The session moved on to a rationing quiz, tasting a WW2 recipe (eggless syrup cake), designing a bomb shelter, analysing video clips and a lesson which required students to use empathy. The students were very well behaved and a credit to their schools (Blackwater, Cusgarne and St. Agnes).
Thanks to the following Year 9 students who were involved. They led the sessions very confidently and worked well as a team.
Georgia Wallis, Anona Griffiths, Georgia Cotterill, Hannah Healey, Cherise Girgin, Rachel Blackler
Alice Frost, Shosha Adie, Kasia Stewart, Rosie Ridge, Greg Wallis, Lauren Nancarrow and
Amy Hulme


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