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Year 8 Gifted and Talented Visit to Falmouth

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Year 8 Humanities Gifted and Talented Visit to Falmouth

On Wednesday 20th June, three members of the Humanities team took eighteen Year 8 Gifted & Talented students to Falmouth. The aim of the day was for the students to work their way around the town centre, carrying out a geographical and historical based investigation into the town’s hidden features.
The party was split into two groups, with one group starting at the Quarry car park and the other starting at Events Square. Students were given two handouts, which contained clues and coordinates for questions they had to answer, as well as a maps and aerial photograph of the town centre. They were also given a handheld GPS device, which they were shown how to use to locate certain points on the map. The students were then told to start to work their way through the questions and to meet back at Events Square at 12 o’clock for lunch.
The students all arrived on time for lunch, where they compared notes and their question answers. Mr. Crawley then took several groups to the edge of the square in order to show students an example of a raised beach, which had been one of their questions. The group then moved onto Pendennis Castle for a more historical focus. Again, students were given the handouts and GPS devices, and were then able to begin their quest around the area looking for the answers. Most popular areas of interest were the re-enactment section of the main battery, and the various ‘hands on’ components in the ‘Activity Centre’. Unfortunately, the weather did start to turn as we were leaving but students didn’t seem to mind. On arrival back at school, the group met in a classroom to go through their answers where prizes were awarded to the best team. Overall, a great day was had by all due to the exemplary behaviour and team effort of the students involved.
Mr T Brooker

Richard Lander School