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GB Rowing Talent ID

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GB Rowing Talent ID.

For the first time ever Sir Steve Redgrave’s Olympic rowing talent ID came to Cornwall. The four students, selected by the PE department, had to be gifted sports performers and also be a minimum of 6”2 for males and 5”10 for females.

The GB Rowing Team Starts programme recruits young people who show exceptional natural potential who, with the right training, could become an international rower. The students were put through some fitness tests which include height, weight and arm span measurements as well as a push and a pull test. The hardest test of all was the cycle test which measured student’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Those students who took part from around the country will have their results compared to previous Olympic athletes to see if they have what it takes to become the next Olympic rower. Those students recruited onto the programme will receive coaching from experienced coaches and attend regular testing camps to monitor progress.

“This was an amazing experience to be a part of. I am finally glad to have an arm span longer than my height!” - Will Kemp

“It was interesting to see if we had the potential to become rowers” - Ollie Clark

“It was great to get an insight into the kinds of skills and fitness required for rowing, because it is a sport which not many people get to experience” - Harry Searle

The students had a multitude of machinery and technology to accurately measure their rowing abilities. The main aims of the machines were to get a precise reading of the student’s natural ability. Ollie Clark managed to get the highest score on the chest press and leg press, and Will Kemp managed to obtain the highest score on the pulling tests.  The last cycle test was about endurance and Will Kemp managed to get an outstanding time of 6 minutes and 21 seconds which is only 40 seconds behind the best score they have ever recorded in the 12 years of the scheme.

Mr A Durant  - PE Teacher & Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Richard Lander School