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English Gifted and Talented Quite Literally Stir up a Tempest!

Added 5 yearss ago

A Press Pack report by Zak Minett—Year 7
On Tuesday 22nd January, a Shakespearian director from the Young Shakespeare Company, Paul, came to work with the year 7 English gifted and talented students.
To start off, Paul asked us to imagine a boat sailing on calm waters and to act out the different jobs sailors would be expected to do, such as scrubbing the decks and climbing the rigging. As we went through the storyline, he introduced different characters and elected people to play important parts such as Caliban (a “beastly” man) and the great King Alonso (the King of Milan). With these characters we acted out an edited and shortened version of The Tempest. Paul made the session exceptionally fun and exciting.

Afterwards one student, Carlie Englefield, said “It was a great experience and possibly the best activity I have ever taken part in”
while Ethan King said “I learnt how to mime and also how to project my voice when I needed to.”

Over the next few weeks, we will be creating our own Cornish version of The Tempest as part of a collaborative project with our cluster primary schools. I’m sure we will have just as much fun creating our own as we did acting out the true Shakespeare version. We would all love to do one of these workshops again!

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