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Report by Zak Minett - year 7 - for Press Pack

From Monday 1st March to Saturday the 9th, the Lander Gallery in Lemon Quay Market in Truro  hosted an exhibition including work from various schools including Richard Lander School, Penair, Truro School, Truro High School, Pencalenick School and Roseland School. It was an exciting mish-mash of different types of art from  landscape paintings (there was a particularly inspiring piece  by Chloe Hall - pictured right), films, sculpture, examples of kite making, and some amazing canvas designs, amongst other things. All pieces of art had a ‘blown away’ theme!
This year our very own year 8's submitted some amazing entries such as huge wind chimes and layered photos. Alisha Khalil, involved in a workshop creating expressive landscape images with Hannah Woodman, created the piece known as 'snow forest' and when asked how she felt about seeing her work in such a prestigious gallery said:

'it's really great and a good place to display the art'.

One particular sculpture which stood out in the collection of different school’s work was called 'In the rain the old path becomes a new stream'. It was a garden ornament based on a Tibetan Shinto monastery and it even had interactive features!
This exhibition brought out the creativity in both those involved in producing the art and those viewing it. I asked a member of the public their opinion on the exhibition

'I really enjoyed it, it's really interesting to see how people have interpreted the theme differently and how they have shown it in their work'.

It has certainly been an exciting and creative couple of weeks for all the students who took part in the exhibition and we would like to congratulate them all on their fantastic work!

Richard Lander School