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Paris 2013

Added 6 years ago

Paris 2013

By Lottie Moran and Edie Llewellyn (Y8)

The Paris trip runs annually for year 8 students at Richard Lander School. It is a 5 day trip which includes visits to famous French sites and the opportunity to try French cuisine.
On our first day, we left school at midnight and began our trip to Dover to catch the ferry to Calais, on the ferry we went shopping and tried to avoid being seasick as the crossing was quite rough. On arrival, we were welcomed to France with blue skies and sunshine. We drove to Chateau de Grande Romaine, which is just outside Paris where we were greeted by the PGL staff; we then enjoyed an epic karaoke and disco night in a room full of live ladybirds! Finally, we were shown to our rooms which were purple, well equipped. very comfortable and had en suite bathrooms! On Day 2 we were awoken by Kelvin singing “In the Jungle”, he woke us up this way every day and on the last day we all joined in. We went around the French markets in Brie, as well as visiting a chocolate factory and a hypermarket. After that we went outside to do sports activities, which Lottie and Megan won, and learned to make crepes. Day 3 was the sightseeing day where we saw the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and went on a boat trip on the River Seine, in the evening we had a camp fire in the woods, sang songs and toasted marshmallows. Day 4 was the best day of all as we went to Disneyland Paris where some students conquered their fears and tried rollercoasters for the first time; we also really enjoyed the Disneyland parade. We had heard a rumour that on the last night we would be offered the chance to try snails and on our way back to the chateau – lucky us?! – we got this opportunity. Megan went first and said that they were delicious, so nearly everyone went for it. We can report that they taste like a mix of jellyfish and squid but these ones were smothered in garlic which helped to give them some flavour.
All in all, Paris 2013 was a great trip and we would thoroughly recommend it to next year’s year eight students in fact we wish we could go again!

There is a gallery of all the photos taken on the trip here:



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