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The Big Bang Fair

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The Big Bang Fair

A Student Report by Jacca Stephens, Aaron Crowhurst, Cory Marchant and Ben Crawley

On Wednesday 13th of March we travelled up to the London Excel Centre for the National Science and Engineering Competition. We had a very entertaining drive from our school to London, it took 6 hours. When we got there, we went to our hotel to drop off our things and after that we went to the London Excel Centre to set up our stand. We then went for an introductory presentation.
The next day we had the judging by the Big Bang judges, we had to speak to them for 20 minutes about out project, the Greenpower Car.  We then had to speak to the moderators, who make sure the judges have judged us fairly. Later in the day, we had to speak to Some more judges from BAE Systems, before we the media come round to take photos and ask us what we thought about the fair.
Throughout the day we had lots of school children coming round to sit in the Greepower car and to have go in our Racecar simulation filmed at Castle Comb circuit. The next day was Friday; we mainly took it in turns to look around the fair looking at the amazing projects whilst picking up the freebies. The stand we most enjoyed was the McLaren simulator; this was on the Scientists In Sport stand along with a reaction test and grip test. We also liked the Land Rover Experience, where you get driven up ramps around a course.  Just before the show closed, all four of us went down to the goblin Greenpower cars and we raced each other round a small track. We had a look at the F1 in schools and that looked like a fun project to get involved with.
In the evening we had the dinner and awards ceremony. The dinner was nice, and to top it off, we won an award. We were highly commended in the Engineering and Design category, and we were very pleased with the award. We also met the ‘Bang Goes The Theory’ presenter!
On Saturday we looked around the Fair again, mainly at the school projects and some of them were very interesting. As well as looking at the school projects, we looked at the Bloodhound SSC car and Jaguar/Land Rover stand. We also looked at stands from companies such as Siemens, Renishaw, RNLI and BAE Systems. There was a robotic Competition called ‘VEX’ where different Schools compete against each other and interesting Shows such as Brainiac Live and Guinness World Records Live. The event was also attended by David Cameron, Vince Cable, Prince Michael of Kent and Prince Andrew.
After a long three days, we finally packed up our stand. On Sunday we woke up at 5:40 to watch the Australian Grand Prix before the long journey back to Cornwall.

More can be found out about the event on the Big Bang website




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