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Congratulations - Teen Tech Finalists

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Congratulations -  Teen Tech Finalists

A huge congratulations to Hector Faux, Ethan King, Michael Hammond, Grace Fawcitt and Emily Cheetham who have reached the final of a national science competition, The Teen Tech awards.

The competition required them to think creatively to develop an innovative concept. Our teams chose to enter the ‘Environment and Sustainability’ category and the ‘Healthcare’ category. The boys entered with their idea of surf wax which would change colour upon contact with raw sewage whilst the girls entered their idea of InsuPatch for diabetics. This would detect blood glucose levels through sweat and secrete insulin through the patch evading the use of needles. Both teams dedicated many hours of their time researching and logging their ideas.

The final will be held at The Royal Society in London in June. They will be given an exhibition space to showcase their ideas and will be required to give a presentation to a panel of scientists.  They will compete against 33 other  teams for the chance to go for tea at Buckingham Palace with the Duke of York and win £1000 for the school and prizes for themselves.

Ms T Metcalfe - Science Teacher

We all wish them the very best at the competition!



Richard Lander School