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Year 6 Solve Crime with Forensic Science

Added 4 yearss ago

Report by Zak Minett (year 7) for Press Pack

Year sixes from Bosvigo, Blackwater, Mithian ,Perranporth. St Agnes, Chacewater and Mount Hawke schools all attended a Science Gifted and Talented Murder Mystery event this week. The year 6s came along to Richard Lander School on the 22nd May and played out a murder mystery designed by Richard Lander’s very own gifted and talented year 8s, and the victim, the school’s very own Miss Metcalfe!

The year 6's hard working brains puzzled through the day having to compare all manner of evidence from pollen samples and finger prints to footprints! They also used litmus paper, a type of paper used to detect if a liquid is either an acid or alkali, to examine  poor Miss Metcalfe’s stomach contents, which included an array of food including rice. After lunch, the year 6s attended a 'court room' scene in room 113 where they questioned the eight suspects, Barry Buildalot, Richard Cunningham, Chloe Bee, Anna Joanna,  Jimmy Rellik, Rosie Magenta, Morag McDee and finally Doreen Unclean. The students were aided by DI. Chlemingtine and  PC. World and  each character was played by a RLS year 8.
After asking sensible questions such as 'where were you at the time of the murder' the year 6's soon cracked the case and found out that the villainous Jimmy Rellik, played by Matt Tavner, murdered Miss Metcalfe!
“I found the Murder Mystery Day really interesting, one of the biggest pieces of evidence was right under our nose but we missed it!” commented Tallulah, agreed with by Alicia, “The activity was really mysterious because there were things which were right in front of our faces which we didn’t notice.”
Jamie added, “It was very interesting because we learned about forensics and also good because my sister was one of the suspects.”
The day was great fun and was great practice for anyone considering a career in forensics . Thanks to the science department for organising the event, and the year 8 science gifted and talented students for creating a rather thrilling storyline.

Can you spot what the year 6’s missed? 

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