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National Shares4Schools Competition Conclusion

Added 6 years ago

The National Shares4Schools competition came to a conclusion at the end of last half term and our team of Year 9 and 10 students finished a highly creditable 16th out of 54 teams that entered. The team were one of the youngest in the competition, and were the featured team in the national Shares magazine during March of this year.
They finished the competition on £1,588.53, giving a return of 5.9%, far better than you could get from a high street bank in the current economic climate. 

This could have been much better as only 24 hours earlier the teams investment stood at £1,665, placing us 8th and with a return of 11%. However, just like last year on the penultimate day, the stock market had a wobble on some bad news from the US and our shares all dropped, costing us nearly £75 in profit. 

The students did well to research some FTSE 100 companies and find those whose share price looked to be on the increase.  EasyJet was our last purchase and the value of these shares increased by one pound in just the few weeks we owned them, earning the team a tidy profit.

At the end of the competition the dealing charges, that would usually apply in the real world, were returned to leave the team awaiting a cheque for £175 while leaving the balance with the Share Centre as our entry for next year’s competition. Overall a great effort from everybody involved.

Mr I Robinson
Maths Teacher


Richard Lander School