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Hidden Valley Taster Trip

Added 6 years ago

Each year some of our year 7 mathematicians are rewarded for their efforts during lessons with a trip to the Hidden Valley Discovery Park near Launceston.  The park is a type of treasure hunt, where you search around the whole site looking for clues to solve a puzzle or riddle.  This year, in addition to the usual devious but enjoyable treasure hunt, the ride on the light railway, the picnic and play area, the park has a new attraction, “The Forbidden Mansion”.  In here you have to search for the answers to a dozen or so questions but the answers could be hidden anywhere in the maze of rooms.  Some rooms can be accessed by secret passages hidden down blind alleys, inside wardrobes and under shelves. Again the clues are sometimes difficult to solve, even though they are in plain view!

Over half term, trip leaders Mr Robinson and Mrs Heywood, accompanied by three of our year 7 students, went to try out the new puzzles and “Forbidden Mansion”.  As you arrive you may be forgiven for thinking you are walking straight into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and you know this is going to be a fun filled few hours.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and Richard Lander will be running a trip for Year 7 students later this term.

The report below was written by Vicky Heywood, comments from Jasmine Blake and Ruth Waters.

Over half term we visited the Hidden Valley Park in Launceston.  It was the first time for Ruth and Jasmine but I have never seen the mansion before.  Jasmine thought the Hidden Valley was exciting, she personally thought the hobbit house was cool as she could fit in his bed and said it was cosy. Ruth liked the mansion because of all the secret passages and enjoyed finding them and squeezing through to rooms (there are boring doors for adults).  We didn’t like it when we thought we were stuck in a passage as we couldn’t find a way out.  We did laugh when we found it as it was obvious!    The mansion seemed to be so easy but some of the questions were tricky and we really had to look hard at the rooms. 
The outside trail is fun, it makes you think hard, and the clues are always hidden in unexpected places.  I have been lots of times but there is always a clue I can’t find!
We all enjoyed the train ride which is now much longer and has two stations. 
We had a great day at the Hidden Valley and can’t wait to go back as the clues are changed every month.  We all agreed we would recommend everybody should go as there is something for all ages and you really need to work as a team to solve the puzzles.  Please visitwww.hiddenvalleydiscoverypark.co.uk
If you would like to know more.

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