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School Council “Grill” Sarah Newton MP

Added 6 years ago

Report by Zak Minett - year 7

The School Council were delighted when they came face to face with local MP, Sarah Newton, who attended Falmouth school as a girl and now debates in the House of Commons and regularly visits different schools in Cornwall.

Ms Newton explained how a School Council has similarities with parliament and the School Council then proceeded to interview her with hard hitting questions such as “Is the government going to keep on funding loans for students?” and  “Why do politicians keep on changing the curriculum?” to which Sarah Newton replied, “The government has decided to change it because the world is not standing still, people are setting up businesses all over the world. We have to compete in this world based on knowledge.  The standards are getting higher and higher each year.”

The School Council also asked Sarah Newton more personal questions. When asked how she felt on her first House of Commons debate she replied with, “Terrified, I had been in the School Council, College Union and a member of the Council but going into the House of Commons means you have to make life or death decisions.”

Two members of the School Council who enjoyed attending the meeting were Amy Lawley-Bell, who commented, 
“Sarah Newton was interesting”
and Alice Scott, who said, 
“It was very exciting.”
After the questions there was a small break for some tea and cake kindly prepared by the canteen staff, followed by a less formal chat to the MP, who when asked how she felt on the whole experience, replied, ''I am delighted to be here with the school council. I've been asked excellent thought provoking questions. I've been thoroughly grilled.”
Special thanks to Sarah Newton for giving up her time to pay a visit to the School Council members and to the canteen staff for providing the lovely cakes. And finally, to all who attended and supervisors Miss Downing and Mr Beech.

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