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The Dux Award

Added 6 years ago

This week, two Gifted and Talented Year 9 students, Hannah Pascoe and Kieran Trewhella attended the Dux Award at the University of Exeter. This award is given to students who achieve well academically and also have a strong work ethic. Only two students from year 9 can attend the event. The aim of the day is for Year 9 students to experience a day at University and perhaps experience subjects they had not considered before. Kieran and Hannah each attended a seminar and a workshop. However they were split up so that the workshops could appeal to them individually.
Hannah attended a Politics seminar focussed on a discussion concerning whether the electorate are more likely to vote for the winner of ‘X Factor’ than in a General Election. Whilst Kieran attended a Biosciences seminar. This was followed by a tour of the University and lunch. In the afternoon, Hannah attended a Robotics workshop where she wrote a computer programme, whereas Kieran went to a business studies workshop where teams created their own cake businesses and competed with one another.

Miss H Rickatson - Humanities Teacher

Richard Lander School