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Newquay Zoo Art Competition

Added 6 years ago

Newquay Zoo ran an art competition for children, with the theme ‘Rainforest Animals and Birds’ to celebrate ‘Love your Zoo’ week (25th-31st May). This gave the students that attend lunchtime art club a wonderful opportunity to show off their talents and skills. We began the project by investigating which animals and birds inhabit the rainforest, sketching and drawing them, then working on composition for the piece chosen. The students worked hard for several lunchtimes on their final pieces. Today we have received contact from Newquay Zoo to say that three of our students did really well in the Painting Competition;

Thea Neale is the winner for the 11-15’s, Charlie Ann Riley is a runner up for the age 12’s and Rhiannon Budsinkska Runner up for the 11-15’s  

“I entered because I love art and I love to take every opportunity to do it. I am so happy that I won with my humming bird painting. I painted the background with watercolour and acrylic. I used a sponge to get the effect. I also used a smaller sponge to blend the acrylic painted birds. To give the bird its shiny colour, I topped the painting off with some metallic gold. I am really happy with my success and many thanks to Miss Body and Miss Wray for giving me the opportunity.” Thea Neal - Winning entry shown above

“What inspired me was looking in books about rainforests. I chose to paint the animals because these are my favourite rainforest animals, especially the parrot. I chose to do the competition because I like doing art.” Charlie Riley - Runner up for the age 12’s



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