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Geography - Year 8 Trip to Porthtowan

Added 6 years ago

Earlier this month we took a minibus of Year 8 Geography students to work with Mrs Brighouse and her Year 5 class from St.Agnes Primary School. The idea was to find whatever flotsam and jetsam we could and try to track where it had come from. Richard Lander students worked in pairs with small groups of St.Agnes pupils, helping them to find Japanese fishing glove packets, a Spanish fish container and a sea bean from the rainforests of Costa Rica!

The idea was inspired by the Cornish film maker Nick Darke who tracked all kinds of beach finds to people all over the world in his film ‘The Wrecking Season’.

Each group investigated the dunes, rock pools and discovered evidence of global trading and damaging waste, especially in the form of nurdles – tiny pellets of raw plastic eaten by birds and fish.
“It was an amazing day and it was great working with the Year 5’s”. Megan Dymond.

“It was very educational and fun and the weather was great!” Naomi Lynham.
“It was great fun, finding objects and figuring out where they came from.” Matt Tavner.

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