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Thinking Critically Produces Fantastic Results

Added 6 years ago


Thinking Critically Produces Fantastic Results

Last year, 21 Richard Lander year 10 students took an AS course in Critical Thinking at Truro College. The course is designed to make the students consider arguments and sources from different view-points and question what is really true.
Our students worked very hard to achieve their grades and deserved the outcomes. 90% of the 21students who finished the course achieved a grade A-E, with 52% achieving a C or higher.
Daniel Huntington, the lecturer at Truro College, praised the enthusiasm and the effort our students put into the course. He was amazed with the results.

Two students who deserve a special mention are Emily Griffiths and Karenza Sparks who both gained B grades as they achieved the highest marks out of the Richard Lander cohort.

Speaking to many of the students since, they feel that it has benefited their analysis skills in many subjects and given them a new perspective on debates and discussion.
A New Cohort Ready to Shine

After last year’s success, a new group of year 10 students have been given the opportunity to try out the AS Critical Thinking course at a taster session.
Last week, 22 students experienced some of the key things they will encounter on the course and learnt that sometimes you have to delve a bit deeper for the interesting answers.  It is also unique in the way that the students can bring different topics to the lesson and can discuss what is interesting to them or current in the news. 
Many left the session feeling enthusiastic about taking the course and how it will help their studies. The course also provides UCAS points for when students start to consider university in the next few years.
Let’s hope we have another bumper year.
Miss H Taylor

Richard Lander School