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Cracked Chain Catastrophe at Castle Combe

Added 6 years ago

Cracked Chain Catastrophe at Castle Combe

Report and photographs by Jacob Moran.

The day started on a high with RLR1 passing scrutineering 1st time, but then just over an hour into the race disaster struck and a snapped chain dropped us to 25th from 5th position.  At first we all thought it was a punctured tyre, but unfortunately the issue was more serious and took us off track for 19 mins.  Toby Neal who was driving at the time said:  “..going round the corner just past the pit entrance, I heard a bang coming from behind me and then a louder bang a few seconds later.  The car rolled to a stop just out of the recovery team’s sight at the bottom of a hill”. 

Following a speedy repair from the pit team, we climbed 3 places in just over 5 mins and just about finished the race without any more crashes, accidents or injuries.  By the end of the race, we had managed to climb a further 14 places to finish 8th by travelling at an average speed of 25mph and covering 99.9 miles in total.  Our best lap time was an outstanding 3 minutes 48 seconds.
We ended the race with our newest driver, Ruth Waters Y8, behind the wheel. She crossed the finish line with a confident first drive and we are all looking forward to the Goodwood Final in October.

Richard Lander School