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Year 7 Art Trips to St Ives and Penzance

Added 6 years ago

Year 7 Art Trips to St Ives and Penzance
By year 7 students Jamie Sweet (St Ives) and Tabitha Lester (Penzance)

When my class went to St. Ives for the day we had a day off school work and we were allowed to wear own clothes. Half of the school’s year 7 population went to Penzance and the other half went to St. Ives. 

We brought our sketch books and we were divided into two groups. My group was Miss Green’s  group  and the other group was with Miss Bone. Miss Bone’s group was lucky enough to see a friendly cat who must have given them lots of cuddles! Our group started the day by sheltering under a ‘u’ shaped tunnel by the docks. Luckily the tide was out so we didn’t get flooded. The tunnel helped by preventing us from getting soaked by the cascading, thunder storm-like rain. Underneath the shelter we sketched pictures of the beautiful houses and fishing boats. We then walked up the cobbled path to the Leach Pottery. The pottery is also a museum about the famous potter Bernard Leach. It was really interesting because it showed the kilns and wheels he used in his time. We also got to see his work and how you would have made pottery in those days. We then went to the Barbara Hepworth museum where we saw her sculpture. There was a really cool garden which displayed all of her structures. We sketched many of them before we went back to the bus. Everyone had a great, damp and tiring day.    

Despite the atrocious weather our art trip to Penzance was amazing. We started off by going to the Exchange Gallery where there were Modern pieces of art but also old fashioned typewriters and record players. There was a consistent theme of ‘false memories’. False memories are memories that never actually happened; they are made from lots of genuine memories all jumbled up. I could relate to this and was very intrigued by this idea.

At the Penlee Art Gallery there were lots of paintings of tin mines and upstairs there were lots of ancient coins and pottery. We took our sketch books and drew our own versions of the paintings. After we left the gallery, we stopped for lunch in the park. It was raining cats and dogs, but there was a shelter and we ate in there. It got a little crowded but at least we weren’t in the rain. We walked back to the coach and by the time we got there we were all soaked. It was an amazing trip though and I’d love to do it again.


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