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A Fabulous French Hat Day

Added 6 years ago

A Fabulous French Hat Day
By Jessica Georgelin – Year 7
The hall was lit up at Richard Lander School as the Year 7s paraded their brightly coloured hats. The school was taking part in European Day of Languages and to mark the occasion students were celebrating with the self-proclaimed 'French Hat Day'.
The year 7 pupils had been set homework, previously set to the many 1st year students before them, to make a hat which represented France or something French.
The hats varied from Eiffel Towers made from tinfoil to guillotines made from cardboard. However the winners were; (drum roll please…)
Lucy Benson – Homemade Paris Beret
Fred Snell - Frog’s Legs (made from his mum’s tights)
Sam Fysh – Crepe Hat
Nico Roskilly Pugliese – Snail
Eva Rundell - French Horn
Lydia Smith - Tour de France
Connor Dann - Eiffel Tower

Ms Hargrave - Modern Foreign Languages Team Leader - said “After last year we really believed that we had seen all possible French hat designs, however, mums tights stuffed to look like
frog legs had us all in stitches and must be pushing the bounds of ingenuity”

One student commented “Today was my favourite day of RLS so far, it was awesome, and French is my new favourite lesson.”
Lucy Benson, one of the overall winners said “I’m glad I won the hat competition because it took a long time to make and I do love it”
During lessons, the year 7 pupils were given Euro Passports containing facts about European countries and everyone learned to sing “Aux Champs Elysees.” The year 7s are also doing Francovision on the last day of term - a competition which sees French classes singing and dancing to pop songs in French. Throughout the week bilingual staff and students made Tannoy announcements, and on top of that, some bilingual pupils also brought in their favourite recipes from other countries.
Below are photographs of some of the winners

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